Board Meeting Minutes November 2013

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday November 18, 7:00AM

Attended: Walker, Fukuzawa, Carrell, Eastman, C. Adamson, Masuda, Hanson, Looney and McDonald

Absent: Rosenthal

Approval of October Minutes: Ted/Carol MSA

Review of Financials: Jordan presented the financials. Jordan/Carol MSA. Jordan presented three different proposals from organizations to assist in our accounting procedures. Matt/Ted MSA to have Jordan inter into an arrangement with the firm best suited to provide the necessary service. (November 27th: Jordan chose Cordell Neher & Company to provide our Rotary club with bookkeeping assistance. Cordell agreed to assist us to clean up the outstanding items from the conversion and keep us in good shape. Jordan will continue to handle the quarterly invoice process, bill members, collect payments, make bank deposits, and track financial information for us for budget/planning purposes. Cordell will perform our journal entries, reconcile cash balances with Cashmere Valley Bank, and provide other duties in connection with our ongoing tax filing needs for the 990 IRS document as they have in the past. Cost to the club will be $100/month)

Float: Gary presented an option in that the Club would purchase the Float from the Museum. The Float provided very good publicity for Rotary, was utilized by other Clubs and overall had good community praise. The initial cost for the Float and trailer is $1500. Ongoing costs include, routine maintenance, use permit/insurance, and storage. Storage is the biggest issue to overcome.   Other issues to consider include: driver for the Float, transportation, and maintaining an account to address regular and unforeseen repairs. Gary is going to research long-term storage options.

Adopt-a-Highway: The paper work has been submitted and approved. We could schedule a clean-up day this fall.

International Projects: Alan proposed funding three different International Service Projects

               1. Guatemala Literacy Project ($1500)

               2. Afghanistan Water Project ($1000) (Dan Moody and Leavenworth Club)

               3. Shelter Box Canada: Philippine Relief Effort ($500)

Gary/Carol MSA

(It was learned after the meeting that the anticipated matching funds from the Canadian government for the Shelter Box would not occur. The $500 was donated instead to Shelter Box USA for the same cause and individual Club members contributed an additional $500. Total cost for one shelter box is $1000.)

Polio Plus: Alan shared an idea from the Rotary Club of Peachland BC in support of Polio Plus. The Gates Foundation is currently providing a 2 to 1 match of Polio donations. If members give $33.33, their total contribution becomes $99.99. The Club has allocated $1000. Alan will research to see what amount by individual donors could be applied to PHF and the deadline for the match.

Rotary Park: There are five flag poles at Rotary Park. One flag pole will display the USA flag year-around, the other poles will display the Canadian, State, Rotary and POW flags. It was agreed that when the flags are ordered to be lowered to half-staff the three Wenatchee Rotary Clubs would take turns to ensure the flags are lowered. Our time period is April – October. Richard Riggs will inform the Club when the order has been sent to lower the flags.

Presidential Citation: Alan informed the board that we have completed all achievements to receive this award. Just following the footsteps of those before!    

Meeting adjourned at 8:10am. Minutes recorded by Alan Walker

Board Meeting Minutes December 2013

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday December 9, 2013

Attended:  Walker, Hanson, Fukuzawa, Carrell, Adamson, Looney, Rosenthal, McDonald.

Absent: Eastman, Masuda

Approval of November Minutes - Approved as written.

Review of Financials -  With Cordell Nehr's help Carrell should have a 6 month report at next Board meeting in January.  We are getting a great rate of $100 a month thanks to Kris Loomis.  Received a call from Shelter Box USA thanking everyone for the donation.

Budget - Walker passed out the 2013-2014 budget and got the Boards input on edits.  Walker said he'd revise the budget and get a final copy back to the Board.  There was discussion about the potential of spending the $60K in cash.  Three ideas came up. To fund more Challenge Scholars (CS) and to also use some of the $ to help the Interact Club with projects and to fund other small projects.  Adamson said she'd contact Joan Wright regarding the CS possibility and get back to us next month.  Looney will look at the Small Projects possibilities.

Transfer Request -  Al Adan has requested a move to the Leavenworth Club to better align with his schedule and work.  Rosenthal asked what date he wants to leave club as she will need to enter that at the District.  Carol said she'd be seeing Al so she will get the date he'd like his transfer to take affect.

Elections -  Walker would like to hold the election the second week of January.  So far no one has volunteered to run for VP or Incoming President.  We now have a complete Board and will end up with more Board members than usual as McDonald and Hanson agreed to fill vacant positions but not the VP or incoming.  Walker plans to announce the upcoming election and need for candidates at our upcoming club meetings.

Float -   Looney is still trying to get other clubs involved in helping and he's still looking for storage.  Insurance is covered by RI except for the driver.

Next Board Meeting Monday 0700 January 13 at the Wild Huckleberry.

Respectfully submitted by: Joanne Rosenthal Sunrise Rotary Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes January 2014

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday January 13, 2014

Attended: Walker, C. Adamson, Rosenthal, Masuda

Absent: Eastman, Hanson, Fukuzawa, Carrell, McDonald, Looney

Visitors: Jim Adamson and Dave Freimuth

Board did not have a quorum this month.

Approval of December Minutes - Carryover to Feb as no quorum.

Review of Financials - Carryover to Feb as no quorum.

Budget - Walker passed out the updated 2013-2014 budget. It will be reviewed at next meeting when Carrell is available.

Rotary Visioning - Jim Adamson proposed that the Board and Club consider committing to doing this before the end of June. The District would be willing to send us 4 people to facilitate but we would need to commit at least 20 members including the board. The cost is reasonable at just $25 for materials plus the cost of a meal for everyone as it would be a working meal. Walker will bring this to the rest of the Boards attention at our Feb meeting and present it to the Club.

Elections - Walker has been trying to reach Jennifer Crane Pyle to see if she's still interested in a position. We will not need to fill the normal 2 board positions as McDonald's position is for 3 years and Hansons for 2 years.

Float -   Looney was absent so the only discussion was that Rosenthal had received a request to borrow the float and emailed it on to Looney.

Bike Ride Raffles - Dave Freimuth started off giving an overview of plans to have different food at the various pit stops. God Fathers Pizza will be one vender and they are going to give us a 50% discount on pizza. The manager is very interested in our Challenge Scholarship program and is willing to sell raffle tickets onsite for a prize of a couple free bike rides. Freimuth would like the Boards approval to move forward with the raffle and also for contacting other possible businesses to do the same thing.   No decision could be made but if there is a quorum available at tomorrows meeting we may be able to give the go ahead then.

Rotary Bylaws/Constitution - Jim Adamson suggested we form a subcommittee to revise our documents to be in line with RI changes. He would like to see this completed before July.


- Rosenthal will be in Florida Feb - May so need someone to take the Board Minutes. C. Adamson had suggested having the minutes rotate among the Board members. No decision till next month when more members present.

- Jim Adamson thought we should consider writing a letter to Sara Zimmerman advising her that her absence may result in our discontinuing her membership. Update: Jim contacted Sara after our meeting today and she wants to resign due to work load.

- Incoming President C. Adamson has made good headway on getting her Committee chairs committed and if possible would like a Club Assembly specific to her agenda as she'd like to fill out her committees early. April 29 was mentioned but that date also has the Bike Ride on the agenda.

Next Board Meeting Monday 0700 February 10 at the Wild Huckleberry.

Respectfully submitted by: Joanne Rosenthal, Sunrise Rotary Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes September 2013

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday September 9th, 2013


Attended: Adamson, Walker, Fukuzawa, Carrell, Rosenthal

Absent: Higgins, Eastman, Looney, Masuda, Vice President (need to fill)

Approval of August Minutes - Approved as written.

Review of Financials (Carrell) - No August financials presented. Carrell shared that he'd checked into using "Square" for credit card payments. We would be charged 2.75% per swipe whereas Cashmere charges 2% but due to the monthly charges by Cashmere it could be a wash. He still needs to find out if multiple squares can be used under one account.

IRS 990 Tax File - Questions still remain regarding Passport Club, Program Expenses, and how the Community Foundation figures in to our filing.

Vice President Position - Still need to fill. So far everyone asked declined to do the job.

Youth Exchange Student - Walker had previously emailed out info. on Kwan's host family and how to contact her. Discussed using a debit vs check for her expenses and it was decided a check is better as would need to set up another account for a debit card.

Float - option to purchase (Looney) – Looney absent so may discuss later.

Grant Seminar Training - Oct 5 in Moses Lake and Oct 26 in Oysoyus. We just need one additional person to go as Walker has already gone for this year. Carrell expressed an interest and will get back to us regarding his availability.

Budget, Committee Chairs and all that jazz.. Alan is behind- Work in progress.

Christmas Competition - The Red Lion is asking service clubs if they'd like to compete by each decorating a tree. Winning club would receive $500 for charity of their choice and then after 12/20 could auction off their tree or donate it to a needy family. Board was open to the idea so Walker will present the idea to the club at tomorrows meeting.


- Michelle Dodge is transferring to the East Wenatchee club. Carrell said he would pro-rate the corporate membership for July/Aug dues and then charge Adan as an individual member for the rest of the upcoming months. Discussed membership in general and Kris Pomianaks name came up again. Rosenthal will make contact again to see if she can come to a meeting.

- Still no Bike Ride Chair and no meetings scheduled yet.

- Make a Difference Day October 26 this year. Discussed small projects in general and the need to get new members involved. Walker mentioned adopting a part of a hiway as a possibility. Walker will bring this topic up with the club tomorrow.

- Member attendance in August better than July's (69%). Rosenthal didn't have figure at meeting but in typing notes found that August attendance was 75%.

NEXT BOARD MEETING Monday 0700 October 14 at the Wild Huckleberry

Respectfully submitted by:

Joanne Rosenthal

Sunrise Rotary Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes October 2013

Wenatchee Sunrise Rotary


Board of Directors Meeting

Monday October 21, 7:00AM


Attended: Walker, Fukuzawa, Carrell, Eastman, C. Adamson, Rosenthal, Masuda

Absent: Looney

Visitor: Adamson (Jim)

Approval of September Minutes - Approved as written

Review of Financials – Carrell followed up on Sept Minutes regarding IRS 990.  Loomis told him that an amended return was not needed.  Carrell also shared that he had ordered a Square and found out that multiple Squares can be used.  He is behind on issuing the quarterly statements but expects to get to them soon.  Carrell also said he had been paying the WVC by check out of our account and wondered if he should be going to the Community Foundation for reimbursement?  Walker suggested Carrell contact Beth Stipe to find out.

Vice President Position to fill and other ballot postions -  Discussion on potential candidates for vacant positions including the upcoming ballot.  Walker will make an announcement at our meeting for candidates.  Adamson mentioned that Zimmerman is interested in Rotary leadership and is willing to run for a board position leading to President. 

The following people were also suggested and will be contacted:

Utigard, Massing, and Hanson (by Walker)

Thompson, Loomis (by Rosenthal)

McDonald, Thorpe, Sampson (by Jim Adamson)

Jay Higgins Resignation from Board position to fill - Board accepted his resignation.

Corporate Membership – Jim Adamson

Adamson presented a couple of options:  1) create a fake name that RI will accept.  2)  Enter corporate as individual members but have the costs cover both the RI and District dues but subsidize a bit by not having them pay full price for club membership. 3) Discontinue Corporate membership.  Motion (Rosenthal) second (Adamson)  to  meet our commitment to Service Alternatives through 6/30/2014 but

will offer no new Corporate memberships until RI gives guidance on new policy.  Passed unanimously.

Float option to purchase - Looney absent but submitted an email request post meeting which he said can be discussed at later date.

Adopt – A- Highway – Highway 28, Milepost 2-4 - Walker has submitted paperwork.

New Welcome Signage - Walker is still waiting to hear back regarding this planned joint effort with other clubs.

Salute to Veterans ad - This ad would highlight our clubs veterans.  Motion (Rosenthal), second (Masuda) to have Walker purchase a 1/4 page Ad for $210 in the Wenatchee World.  Board requested the ad include the our meeting place, date, time as well as the Rotary Wheel. Passed unanimously.

Christmas competition - Can't remember discussing?


- Exchange Student (Kwan)  needs new host family as current family is backing out by 11/3/13.  Masuda found a good family (Laurie, Paul, & Maggie Smith) but Board needs to be aware that we will still need another family at the end of January.  The Smiths have not been officially approved by the State Dept. yet but Masuda has filled out the paperwork. 

- Guatemala Literacy requesting a contribution again.  Carrell will look at what we contributed last year, the current needs and get back to the Board.  Carrell also asked the Board if we'd be interested in him checking into international project needs in Panama when he is there this winter.  The Board was amenable to that.  Adamson also has a potential water filter project for a school in Guatemala and will get back to the Board with more information.

Next Board Meeting Monday 0700 November 12 at the Wild Huckleberry

Respectfully submitted by:

Joanne Rosenthal

Sunrise Rotary Secretary



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Board Meeting

Second Monday of Each Month
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